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AC Power Transducers
Watt, Var  
Phase Angle


Digital Panel Meter & Meter Relay
3 1/2 Digits Miniature
Panel Meter

3 1/2 Digits Panel Meter

4 Digits Frequency Meter

4 1/2 Digits Volt or Amp Meter

4 1/2 Digits Volt or Amp Meter Relay

4 1/2 Digits Volt & Amp Meter Relay Dual Display

Digital Indicator & Controller
TB Series
4 Digits PID Controllers

10 Digits uP 
Totalizer & Process Meter Relay

Miniature Potentiometer Indicator

Resistance Indicator


Process Signal Transmitter
Signal Transmitter/

Strain Gauge Transmitter

Alarm Setter

RTD Transmitter

Potentiometer Transmitter

Frequency Transmitter

DC to Frequency Converter

Frequency Scaler



Revised 01/01/2015

1.(a) GENERAL:
Any sale of products by Power True Systems Corp. is governed exclusively by these Standard Terms and Conditions of
       Sales ( hereinafter called "Standard Terms" ) which, unless otherwise agreed by Seller in writing, shall be a part of the sales
       contract and shall supersede any inconsistent terms on Buyer's purchase order or subsequent releases for this product.


1.(b) All orders placed with Seller must be in the form of a written purchase order.
        A binding sales contract will only result when Seller accepts Buyer's order at Seller's office in Tampa, FL  which will in all
        cases be understood to contain these conditions and terms of sales.


1.(c)  Any modification or variation of these Standard Terms must be conditional upon the written approval of Seller.


Seller reserves the right to change the design and/or the specifications of the standard products already ordered by Buyer
        and accepted by Seller, and Seller may ship the modified products to Buyer without prior notice.
  Seller also reserves the right to discontinue the manufacture or supply of any particular product without prior notice to



        Seller warrants to Buyer that each product supplied by it is of good workmanship and free from any inherent mechanical
        defects for one year, provided that it is installed and operated in accordance with Seller's instructions ( and subject always
         to such instructions), in accordance with generally accepted industrial practices, and further provided that the product is
         used under normal conditions for which it is designed and that it receives due and proper care, protection and maintenance
         under the supervision of competent personnel.


3.(b) This warranty is governed by the provisions of the applicable Seller's published warranty certificate, a copy of which is
         shipped with the product.


3.(c)  All other guarantees, warranties, conditions of representations, either expressed or implied, whether arising under statute,
         common law, commercial usage or otherwise, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular
         purpose, are excluded.


3.(d)  Under no circumstances whatsoever shall seller be liable to any person or firm or corporation for any special, indirect, or
         consequential damages, whether for breach of contract, negligence, misrepresentation or otherwise, and whether resulting
         in lost profits, loss of interest in money borrowed or invested, impairment of goods, work stoppage, or otherwise, in any
         way arising out of any transactions to which these standard terms apply.


4.     DRAWINGS:

        All illustrations, drawings, etc., issued by Seller or contained in seller’s catalogues, price lists advertisements or any other
        publications must be regarded by Seller are stated in good faith as being approximately correct but no responsibility can be
        accepted for their accuracy.



         Shipment and delivery dates are quoted in good faith and are approximate.
            Delay in delivery or shipment shall not give Buyer the right to cancel any order.
   Seller shall not be liable to pay any penalty for delay or failure to ship nor shall be bound by any provision for the payment
         of a penalty of any nature unless it has expressly consented to such penalty provision in writing.


5.(b)  In no event shall Seller be liable for any consequential damages caused by delay or failure to deliver or ship due especially
         but not exclusively to force majeure and other causes beyond its reasonable control.
   The term force majeure shall include but not be limited to war, blockade, civil disturbances, strikes and lockouts, labor
, fire and other casualties, accidents, governmental acts ( including regulation covering export and import
         licensing and currency exchange), material shortages and delays in obtaining materials equipment or transportation in
         case of non-delivery or failure to timely delivery
. Seller’s obligation shall be limited to the refund of any advance payment,
         which may theretofore have been made by Buyer.


6.(a)  PRICES:

         Unless otherwise provided on the face of Seller's relevant form or specified otherwise in writing by Seller, quotations and
         offers by Seller are F.O.B. Seller's manufacturing plant or warehouse and are firm as to the price for thirty (25) days from
         the date the quotations or offers which are sent by Seller.
           After the expiration of the initial thirty (25) day period, the applicable prices are those in effect at the time of order.
    Any reference to F.O.B. or other delivery terms shall, unless otherwise provided herein, have the same meaning as
         that ascribed by the International Chamber of Commerce in its current edition of INCOTERMS

6.(b)  Errors and omissions, whether obvious or not, in any element of a quotation are subject to correction by Seller.



        Payment shall be made and is due upon receipt of our shipping advise by T/T ( Teller Transfer Bank ) or Buyer’s
        Company’s Official Check in USD or by Credit Cards.
Payment at net 30 days is only for qualify customers and with approval.
        The failure by Buyer to pay at the agreed time and place after 65 days constitutes a waiver of all his rights under the
        contract including product warranty.
        When an account becomes due, according to its terms, interest at the rate of 18% per year will be charged and accrued to
        the outstanding invoice(s) until paid.


7.(b)  All products sold by Seller are shipped F.O.B. its manufacturing plant, warehouse and/or sales office.


7.(c)  All taxes, fees, costs and other charges connected with shipment, transportation, insurance and importation of the
         products, are the responsibility of Buyer, and, if paid by Seller, such expenses may be recovered by Seller from Buyer.


8.     RISK OF LOSS:

        Unless expressly provided for on a basis independent of that set forth above for passage of title, risk of loss or damage
        to the products shall pass from Seller to Buyer upon delivery thereof to Buyer or his representative or to a carrier for
        shipment to Buyer, as the case may be, F.O.B. at Seller's manufacturing plant or warehouse.
    We strongly suggest that all shipment be insured for full value.  In the event of any insurance claim, all invoices must be
        paid in
full before any insurance claim can be processed.



        The terms and conditions set forth herein constitute the final, complete and exclusive agreement between the parties as to
         the subject matter thereof.
           This Agreement may not be amended except in writing and signed by the authorized representatives of both parties.



         If Buyer refuses delivery of mutually agreed upon scheduled products, especially if specifically customized for his usage,
         Buyer shall incur cancellation charges as invoiced by Seller at Seller's option as follows:
         (1) The full agreed price for the products completed; or loss of profits.
         (2) Seller's full cost plus overhead, plus 25% for all products actually in process or scheduled for completion less than 30
after the date Seller receives notice of Buyer's refusal; or
          (3) Seller's full cost plus 25% for any raw materials or supplies purchased or contracted for by Seller or Buyer's order as of
date Seller receives notice of Buyer's refusal.


10.(b)  Modified standard products or custom products are not subject to cancellation.



       Validity and interpretation of all documents relating to this sale and rights and duties of the parties hereto, shall be governed
        by the laws of the State of Florida, USA.



         All provisions of this contract are essentially integral and correlated, therefore, failure on the part of Buyer to fulfill any of
         his obligations under this contract shall constitute a default of the contract and Buyer shall be liable as a defaulter.


12.(b) Failure on the part of Seller to enforce any of the rights derived from this contract shall never be construed as a waiver of
          any of its rights.


12.(c) Declaration of nullity of one or more of the clauses on this contract by any legal  authority shall not affect the validity of the
          other clauses, which for this purpose are considered severable.



        If Purchaser fails to pay any amounts due hereunder or otherwise breaches this Proposal For Contract and the Company
       has to enforce its rights hereunder, whether or not through litigation, the Company shall be entitled to be reimbursed by
       Purchaser for all costs and expenses incurred relating to the collection or breach, including all attorneys' fees.

                                                                                                        PTS-Tech,  Power True Systems Corp.

Analog Panel Meter- Switchboard

BE Series

Switching Power Supply

LP Series 

RP Series
Digital Power Meters
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